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RULES: you can tell a lot about someone by the type of music they listen to. Hit shuffle on your ipod/phone/itunes/media player and write down the first 20 songs, then pass this along to 11 other people. No skipping!

(1)    On My Own — Ashes Remain 
(2)    Not Alone — Red
(3)    Everybody Wants to Rule the World — Lorde
(4)    Freak Orchestra — The Noisy Freaks
(5)    Skyfall — Adele
(6)    At the Beginning — Richard Marx & Donna Lewis
(7)    Deathstroke — Christopher Drake
(8)    Ezio’s Family — Jesper Kyd
(9)    The Lion Sleeps Tonight — the Tokens
(10)  Animal I Have Become — Three Days Grace
(11)  Without You (Acoustic) — Breaking Benjamin
(12)  In My World — Rookiez is Punk’d
(13)  Pieces — Red
(14)  Desolation Row — My Chemical Romance
(15)  Still Into You — Paramore
(16)  Core Pride — Uverworld
(17)  One-Winged Angel — Nobuo Uematsu
(18)  The Diary of Jane — Breaking Benjamin
(19)  Her Name is Alice — Shinedown
(20)  The Call — Regina Spektor

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      “MustI explain how horrifying that is?”


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"Today is not a good day to test me.”

"Right you…. Yeah….. you are batman.."He had a hard time seeing him, in a brighter environment. Ge blinked and squinted a few times to  be certain, all that black and gray, him being color blind kind of mixed his features up greatly.

Garth just put his hands up and ran off, he didn’t want to be a bother to him.

He eyes narrowed as he watched the other.

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"Not very friendly either."

"Go home."

Difference of Opinion || CLOSED


"You don’t know that. You’re not invincible. You might be stronger and faster and smarter than most but you’re human. You bleed and you can be wounded…and I won’t let that happen."

"I may not be invincible, but its going to take a lot to put me down — and I have proven that night and night out for the past 13 years, out there and in here. I have taken everything they’ve thrown at me and thrown it right back — that is why they send assassin’s and metahumans — because they fear what they can’t kill, that is what I am. If I’m not indestructible, then try and prove it.”


"You say that only because your feelings are not as strong as mine Bruce." Her tone stern

"Says you."

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"Mm — White Rabbit?"


"Well good news is you’ll be picked first for dodge ball."



"Who said anything about a littleexplosion?” She asked as she walked away, her thick sashaying hips quickly their way out the door… “She you around.”


"I certainly hope so." he said, watching her leave.


"I just…" She took another breath "I am honestly scared of what I feeling for you Bruce"

"It’s alright."



               {♛} “I’d like the sound of that, let’s say. After I graze everyone with my presence I’d like to have some more fun though I would love to have a tour of this residence. Anyhow, I’d love to get dressed for an event I’d get to be fancy”, She implied then laughed at the thought of a slumber party at his house almost all are gothic inspired architecture. 

"You’ll be providing the pillows, I’m bringing the snacks you might have a cellar that’ll be great", She added smiling broadly at him distracted by her craving for some aged liquor. It tends to pack more flavor and kick once the product is preserved. "Anyhow, back to the party. Something you would like me to wear as you’ve said it yourself you don’t want me to get the impression that you wanted to sleep with me. Anything with a boat neckline can be enough to make someone uninterested don’t they, Mr. Wayne"

"Well, I’m fine with whatever you wear, you’ll be enjoyable to look at regardless." he replied as he looked down at her with a smirk. "But I’m sure you’ll be able to find something suitable to wear."



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"No, I don’t blame my sanity for the crimes I have done. I don’t blame my insanity for letting my obsession control me. Just like you don’t blame your sanity for letting your need to fight us control you. I blame Crow for butchering people, I blame myself for poisoning people. But at the same time, I blame myself for the inability to suppress him. I didn’t ask to be labeled as insane, because I’m not. I just have multi-personality disorder. It was you lot that labeled me criminally insane."

"You’ve killed dozens of innocent people over the past few years, that is what cause the judge to label you as criminally insane." he replied. "You’re not insane, you’re just sick, Crane."

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Liz Climo on Tumblr.

this really cheered me up

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